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Originally published February 25, 2023 in the Calgary Herald, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.

Hydrotherapy Pool

SKA hydrotherapy pools. Courtesy SKA Thermal Spa

Dip your toe in the water with these hydrotherapy experiences

Dip your toe in the water with these hydrotherapy experiences

Jody Robbins

Jody Robbins

Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have dove feet first into hydrotherapy. Simply put, hydrotherapy treats various ailments with the use of water. From the humble bath to the pummeling of pressurized jets, hydrotherapy is an alternative way to reduce symptoms without medication or invasive procedures. Here’s a look at various experiences on tap in Calgary.

Vichy shower

Back in the 19th century, thermal water piped into the spa treatment rooms of Vichy, France, lightly showered guests visiting the popular hot springs resort town.

Though today’s Vichy shower has evolved, its concept of relaxing the body remains the same.  This horizontal shower treatment is undertaken while laying on a table, but the sleeper therapy is so much more. At Calgary’s My Haven Laser & Spa, Vichy shower experiences are always combined with either a massage, body scrub or wrap, so don’t expect to come in for a solo shower.

Tiles cover the floor and walls of the deliciously warm treatment room, where a large silver bar affixed with multiple shower heads juts out of a wall and runs parallel to a massage table.

Scrubs – either sugar or slightly coarser sea salt (smelling faintly of oranges), are applied thoughtfully and lavishly, feeling like a relaxation massage.

My Haven Vichy Shower Calgary Herald

Vichy Shower at My Haven Laser Spa. Photo, Jody Robbins

With their signature experience, the salt is not taken off before a thin layer of either green tea-infused or Dead Sea mud is applied. After being wrapped in towels and a thermal blanket, you’re left to marinate for 15 minutes. Then the treatment transitions with warm water raining down on you from the anatomically placed shower heads.

Many people think baths are luxurious, but showers can be, too – especially when six shower heads gently palpitate your body.

If it’s possible to doze off in a tropical downpour this is what it must feel like. A massage finishes off the soothing experience. It’s the kind of cocooning treatment you want to schedule when temperatures are sub-zero, though the water temperature is adjustable, so cooling off on a summer day is also an option. You will leave feeling utterly relaxed, not to mention very clean with baby-soft skin.

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