Infrared Sauna My Haven Laser & Spa SW Calgary

Discover Unwind and Detoxification Bliss with Our New Infrared Sauna

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our collection of top-tier spa facilities here at My Haven Laser and Spa – our state-of-the-art infrared sauna. This innovative wellness technology offers an unparalleled sauna experience, combining the timeless tradition of heat therapy with modern science to bring a plethora of health and wellness benefits.

  1. Detoxification – Infrared saunas are famous for their impressive detoxification capabilities. The deep penetrating heat of infrared saunas increases the body’s core temperature, leading to a deeper, more robust sweat. This deep sweating can help the body expel toxins more effectively than traditional saunas or exercise alone, including heavy metals like lead, zinc, nickel, and mercury.
  2. Weight Loss and Increased Metabolism – While you relax in the gentle infrared heat, your body is working hard to cool itself, leading to a significant calorie burn. A session in our infrared sauna can help boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss.
  3. Enhanced Circulation – Infrared heat can stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. Enhanced circulation can lead to lowered blood pressure, improved heart health, and better oxygenation and nutrient delivery throughout the body.
  4. Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery – The penetrating heat of an infrared sauna can help alleviate muscle aches and joint pain. It’s a great way to unwind after a strenuous workout or alleviate chronic pain conditions.
  5. Amplify Your Experience with a Pre-Scrub Sauna Session – We recommend booking your infrared sauna session before your bubbles body scrub treatment for an amplified spa experience. The infrared sauna will open your pores and prepare your skin for the scrub, which can lead to deeper exfoliation and increased absorption of the nourishing ingredients in our signature bubbles body scrub. The heat also helps to soften your skin and improve circulation, making it more receptive to the scrub’s beneficial effects. This combination will leave your skin glowing, revitalized, and unbelievably soft.

Health and Wellness at My Haven Laser and Spa

Here at My Haven Laser and Spa, we continuously strive to provide our clients with the best and latest wellness treatments. Our new infrared sauna is the latest addition to our holistic approach towards health and wellness.

Whether you’re looking to detox, relieve pain, lose weight, or simply relax and unwind, our infrared sauna has something to offer you. Book a session today and elevate your spa experience to a whole new level of health and wellness.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Over Traditional Saunas

While both infrared and traditional saunas have their unique qualities, infrared saunas come with some distinct advantages that enhance their wellness offerings.

  1. Deeper Detoxification – Infrared saunas stand out in their ability to promote deeper detoxification. The penetrating infrared waves heat your body directly, prompting a deeper sweat from your body and aiding in the expulsion of toxins more effectively than traditional saunas.
  2. Comfortable Environment – Traditional saunas operate at high temperatures, often making the environment uncomfortable for some. In contrast, infrared saunas produce the same amount of heat but at much lower, more bearable temperatures, providing a comfortable and relaxing experience.
  3. Better Skin Health – Infrared saunas are known for their skin benefits. The deep, penetrating heat helps to open up pores and improve circulation, resulting in better oxygenation and nutrient supply to the skin. This can lead to healthier, clearer, and more radiant skin.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Infrared saunas are also more energy-efficient than traditional saunas. They use less electricity and reach their optimal temperature faster, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective choice for regular use.
  5. Improved Pain Relief – The infrared heat penetrates deep into muscles and joints, providing better relief from pain and stiffness than traditional saunas. This makes infrared saunas a preferred choice for athletes and those suffering from chronic pain.

By offering a host of wellness benefits in a comfortable and sustainable manner, infrared saunas outshine traditional ones and provide a superior sauna experience.

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