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My Haven Laser & Spa Vichy Shower Specials Calgary

Come try our highly rated and unique Vichy Shower. Our signature treatment is a Mud Body Wrap with Sea Salt Scrub. It is great for detoxification, skin texture improvement and helps to improve mood and sleep quality. Get more information about our Vichy Shower

My Haven Laser & Spa Vichy Shower Body Wraps Specials Calgary

Winter is here and it’s getting cold. You know what that means: dry, chapped skin and a need for some self-care.

We have the perfect solution for you! In fact, we think it’s the best way to warm up—and get silky smooth—this season. It’s our My Haven Signature Body Wrap with Sea Salt.

This treatment removes all of your dead skin cells, treats cellulite and excess fluids, toxins, and leaves you feeling warm and cozy. So come on in for a treatment today and let us help you get through this cold season feeling your best!