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Student Massage Therapists at My Haven Laser & Spa

Student massage therapists are individuals who are currently studying massage therapy and are in the process of completing their education and training. Although they may not have as much experience as licensed massage therapists, they have undergone extensive training in anatomy, physiology, and various massage techniques.

By choosing a student massage therapist, you are able to receive a high-quality massage at a lower price than you would from a licensed therapist. Additionally, you can help support the education and training of future massage therapists by giving them the opportunity to practice and hone their skills. Note however that a massage receipt for insurance purposes cannot be provided with student massages since they are not yet licensed.

Overall, trying a student massage therapist can be a great way to experience the benefits of massage therapy while also supporting the growth and development of aspiring massage therapists.

Student Pricing Options

TreatmentServiceStudent Therapist Price
Deep Tissue / Relaxation Massage60 minutes$60
Deep Tissue / Relaxation Massage75 minutes$75
Deep Tissue / Relaxation Massage90 minutes$90
Deep Tissue / Relaxation Massage120 minutes$120
Student Massage with Sauna Add-On75 Minutes$95
Student Massage with Sauna Add-On90 Minutes$105
Student Massage with Sauna Add-On120 Minutes$145
Foot Reflexology30 minutes$50
Foot Reflexology45 minutes$55
Foot Reflexology60 minutes$60
Foot Reflexology75 minutes$75
Hot Stone Massage Therapy60 minutes$70
Hot Stone Massage Therapy75 minutes$85
Hot Stone Massage Therapy90 minutes$100
Cupping Massage Therapy60 minutes$70
Cupping Massage Therapy75 minutes$85
Cupping Massage Therapy90 minutes$100
Kids Massage45 minutes$45
Kids Massage60 minutes$50
Lymphatic Drainage Massage60 minutes$60
Lymphatic Drainage Massage75 minutes$75

Our Student Therapists

Dominic Bui

Meet Dominic Bui, an aspiring massage therapist who is currently a student at Mount Royal University. Dominic’s journey in the realm of health and wellness is rooted in a deep-seated passion for understanding the human body and promoting its innate healing capacities.

As part of his commitment to honing his craft, Dominic serves as a student massage therapist at My Haven Laser & Spa. Here, he’s provided with an invaluable opportunity to immerse himself in the practical aspects of massage therapy, complementing his academic studies with hands-on experience.

We warmly invite you to experience the dedicated and skilled massage of Dominic Bui, our student massage therapist at My Haven Laser & Spa. Dominic is driven by a profound understanding of health and wellness, using his ever-expanding knowledge to provide tailored massages that promote holistic health.

Dominic Bui Bio
Dominic Bui Bio
Dominic Bui is a dynamic individual with a passion for the realm of health and wellness, currently channeling his devotion into the study and practice of massage therapy at Mount Royal University. With an unwavering commitment to improving the well-being of his clients, Dominic’s educational and professional pursuits are fueled by his desire to make a genuine difference in people’s lives.

This dedication extends into his personal life as well. Beyond his academic and career aspirations, Dominic cherishes quality time spent with his wife and children, understanding the integral role of balance in life. He recognizes the significance of nurturing relationships and maintaining a supportive home environment, reflecting his comprehensive approach to wellness.

Dominic’s deep-seated interest in health and wellness serves as the bedrock for his career choice. He perceives massage therapy not merely as a relaxation technique, but as a robust modality to boost physical, mental, and emotional well-being. A believer in the power of touch, Dominic continually broadens his knowledge of diverse massage techniques to cater to specific client needs. His repertoire includes Relaxation / Swedish massage, stretching massage, and myofascial release, with each technique selected and applied with the utmost care for the individual client.

Dominic Bui is more than just a student massage therapist; he’s a dedicated wellness advocate in both his professional and personal life. He combines his academic knowledge with a personalized approach, aiming to transform lives one massage at a time. With a heart set on serving others and a mind keen on learning, Dominic continues his journey in the realm of massage therapy, committed to contributing positively to his clients’ health journeys.

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