Soothe Your Sole, Heal Your Body: The Transformative Benefits of Foot Reflexology

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Foot reflexology at My Haven Laser & Spa in SW Calgary
Foot massage in My Haven Spa in SW Calgary

Are your feet tired after standing or walking too far, or maybe your feet have poor circulation?  Our massage therapists at My Haven Laser & Spa will give you a healing foot massage by applying pressure to reflex zones in your feet, giving you a feeling of tension relief and general well-being.

What is foot reflexology?

In therapeutic foot reflexology, pressure is applied to various reflex points on the foot. These reflex points are thought to point to organs in your body, so when your foot is stimulated, there are responses sent to those organs which is thought to provide healing to the organs. There are roughly 15,000 nerves in your feet, so that makes a foot massage feel great.

Foot reflexology is one of the most popular types of massage. Beyond the feel-good effects of the treatment, the action and purpose of the foot reflexology go deeper than the skin and muscles. Pulling on all of the toes, rubbing the fleshy soft ball of the foot, tracing with pressure around the heel and pushing deep into the arch with fingers or knuckles are just a few of the movements you’ll experience during a treatment.

How does foot reflexology differ from a foot massage?

These two treatments might seem similar, but there are some key differences. Both can be beneficial! Here’s what you can expect during a foot massage versus a reflexology massage.

Massage therapy is the application of pressure to the skin and muscles to relax the muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation.

Reflexology, on the other hand, uses a targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. The treatment usually focuses on the feet, but it can also include the hands and ears.

What are the benefits of foot reflexology?

You feet constantly bare you weight while you walk and after a long day on your feet they can become very tired and sore. Generally your feet are the least pampered body part and sometimes they need some attention. Applying pressure to your feet provides both psychological and physical health. Getting a foot massage is a great treatment for mind and body relaxation.

Foot reflexology is known to help with many problems from headaches to sinus problems and even digestion and stomach issues.  These treatments also improves blood circulation with oxygen to organs throughout your body.

Other benefits to foot massages are:

  • Better sleeps
  • Detoxification
  • Makes your feet healthier by reducing pain and keeping ankle flexible.
  • Serotonin boost to help mood when top of toes are massaged

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Note: Foot reflexology is not covered by insurance.