Promote Wellness for Your Little One: Discover the Benefits of Kids Massage

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Kids massage at My Haven Laser & Spa in SW Calgary

Do you have an active child that is having trouble sleeping, or is very active and is feeling sore? Even young children can be prone to stress with their busy day to day life.  Our experienced massage therapists will treat the child similarly to adults, except often with less pressure to help with sleep problems, injuries and overall health.

What is kids massage?

Massage therapy can be beneficial for anyone right from infancy to adults, and the elderly.  My Haven Laser & Spa massage therapists treat kids, teens and adults. The general benefits of relaxation, decreasing muscle tension and pain, or increasing mobility can apply to any age group.  There can also be specific reasons why massage therapy might be advantageous for children specifically.

Today children are faced with very busy lifestyles due to school work and activities, peer pressure, advancing technology, competitive sports, family problems, chores, and the list goes on and on.  Children are constantly struggling to keep up and maintain the fast pace, and they often never get a chance to slow down and let their bodies really rest or relax. This can lead to poor sleeping patterns.

What are the benefits of kids massage?

Studies have shown that massage can help decrease stress and stress hormone levels in children, and they have also shown that children’s massage can reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.  With decreased stress, this can help in improving sleeping habits.

Parents can enjoy a massage with their kids in couples massage room!

We understand that your child’s comfort and safety are of utmost importance. At My Haven Laser & Spa, we have available a spacious couples massage room. If you’d like, the parents can schedule your massage session to coincide with your child’s, providing them with a familiar presence and turning their treatment into a shared experience of relaxation and wellness.

This arrangement allows you to enjoy some quality bonding time while also treating yourself to a well-deserved pampering session. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the benefits of massage in a safe, controlled environment.

To book a simultaneous parent-child massage session in our couples massage room, please contact us today.

If you have questions, you can call us at (403) 418-5525 or contact us through email.