Experience the Ultimate Relaxation: Unwind with Our Relaxation / Swedish Massage Therapy

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Swedish relaxation massage at My Haven Laser & Spa in SW Calgary

Our trained and experienced registered Calgary massage therapists are here to help you relax and rejuvenation your body after all the stresses you face in life, whether physical or emotional.  Feel more like your younger self after a relaxation / Swedish massage to get back your range of motion, help your sleepless nights and relieve your stress.  The massage therapists will deliver whatever pressure is your preference as they communicate with you to find the optimum pressure for you.  Book today to end your stressful day!

What is a Swedish massage?

A Swedish massage is the most popular massage technique in the world and the most popular massage in Calgary. A Swedish massage is made up of 5 main movements, two of which can be very relaxing, which is why sometimes Swedish massage is known as the relaxation massage, but Swedish Massage can be more and not always relaxing.  When asking for a massage you should discuss with the massage therapist and they can let you know if you would want a full Swedish massage or a relaxation massage.  The 5 main movements for a Swedish massage are long gliding strokes, kneading of individual muscles, percussive type technique, tapping or vibration of specific muscles and a more specific rubbing sometimes with a deeper pressure to relieve adhesions in muscle tissue.

Some people use the terms Swedish Massage and relaxation interchangeably, but in reality relaxation massage is just a part of the Swedish Massage.

Please discuss your needs with our massage therapists. Your massage therapist will aim to relax, revive and rejuvenate you at a massage depth that does not cause discomfort.

Enjoying relaxation massage with oils at My Haven Laser & Spa in SW Calgary

What is the difference between deep tissue and relaxation massage?

When looking for a massage, you need to choose the best massage to give you the most benefits.  Relaxation massages are meant to give you relaxation.  The pressure is not too deep and is meant to energize your body and skin. The treatment uses long strokes and the rubbing of your skin which helps you to relax.

Deep tissue massages use much firmer and deep pressure and are not always relaxing.  These rubbing pressure from deep tissue massages are quite often against the grain of the muscles to help loosen muscles and soft tissue.  This can cause discomfort in some cases, but it is very good for sport injuries, accidents and tight muscles.

What is the difference between a relaxation massage and a therapeutic massage?

A therapeutic massage is intended for people who have chronic pain, body aches, and even sport injuries.  A therapeutic massage is used to actually help give you medical benefits and it uses all aspects of the Swedish massage to treat your pain. A relaxation massage uses the gentler flowing aspects of a Swedish massage to relieve stress and just make you feel good!

Enjoying relaxation massage with oils at My Haven Laser & Spa in SW Calgary
Young woman relaxing at My Haven Laser & Spa in SW Calgary

What are the benefits of a relaxation massage?

The first obvious benefit of a relaxation massage is as in the title, giving you a great feeling of relaxation.  Relaxation massages aren’t intended to focus on specific injuries or pain, but getting regular relaxation massages can offer the following benefits:

  • Improve sleep, promote relaxation and overall boost in mood
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve muscle tension

When your body is relaxed, it becomes much less likely to have injuries as the muscles are less tense and tight.

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